Automatic Rotary Microtome

Range of section thickness setting from 0,5 μm to 60 μm
Section thickness feed 0,5 μm from 0,5 μm to 2 μm
1 μm from 2 μm to 10 μm
2 μm from 10 μm to 20 μm
5 μm from 20 μm to 60 μm
Horizontal Specimen Advance 40 mm
Hand Control Vertikal Stroke 70 mm
Specimen Size Standard Maximal 55 mm x 55 mm
Dimension Length x Width x Height:
550 mm x 460 mm x 280 mm
Weight (without accessories) 45 kg
Food Pedal Manufactured according to the standards of class 4/MedGV.
The best choice for research and routine work in biological, medical or industrial areas.
Guaranteed reliability through over-extension protection and sliding-clutch anti-locking system in the coarse advance.
Highest precision of sections from paraffin or plastic blocks over the total advance range.

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