Paraffin Embedding Station AGS
Modular Paraffin Embedding Station

Paraffin dispenser unit with 2 heatable trays for cassettes and / or molds, controllable paraffin outlet, lighting, magnifying glass and cooling point.  Capacity Paraffin tank 4.5 liters.   Integrated weekly timer.


An additional heatable tray for accommodating the cassettes, large enough to accommodate most traditional tissue baskets.

Heating unit: W300 X T600 x H400mm, 230V / 50Hz / 0.4KW

Max. 70°C, capacity 2.5 liters


Cooling unit for cooling the cassettes up to max. -13 ° C.

Cooling unit: B300 X T540 x H400mm, 230V / 50Hz / 0.4KW  Max. -13 ° C.

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